T a n g l e f r e e   w e b s  

Hello. I'm Merrily Harpur, a writer and illustrator based in Dorset. I've been designing web pages for eight years, and during this time the number of small websites on the internet has grown enormously

I've noticed, however, that many of them could do with helping hand. They are too often disorganised or laid out in a piecemeal fashion with no central focus or coherent style; the images may be irrelevant or slow to download - or there may be jumpy dynamic effects or adverts which serve to confuse rather than guide the visitor.

In 2006 I set up Tanglefree webs to help people acquire more professional, literate, stylish websites at affordable prices. Have a look at some of the latest ones by clicking on the Gallery link below, and contact me if you'd like something along the same lines.

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