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    Costs and prices            

There are three tiers of expenses for web sites: set-up costs, web design and web site maintenance.

  1.  Set-up costs include the registration of your domain name (for example www.mywork.co.uk) and web hosting - the rental of web space for your site from a company that specialises in it. Domain name registration is for a minimum of two years. It costs about £5 per year for .co.uk suffixes, for instance, and £9 per year for .com .net .org .info .biz suffixes.

    Web hosting costs approximately £25 per year with an initial fee of £10 and includes email addresses. Thus the set-up costs for the first year can be under £45 including VAT and under £35 including VAT for subsequent years.

    I use
    www.123-reg.co.uk for this purpose. Their website shows how easy it is to register your own domain name and rent web space from them (web hosting), and you may prefer to do these steps yourself. If not I can do it for you.

  2. Web design. I will then design a stylish and beautiful web page for you. This will cost approximately £355. The prices for additional pages are very variable as they will be tailored to your particular needs. Where a page template - such as headings and layout - is simply repeated with different information (pages for each member of the family or group for instance) the cost may be as low as £55. I can modify your own images, though I prefer to use images from my own image library or take photos specially for you - though this is slightly more expensive.
    On the other hand for sophisticated or complex content and images the cost per page might rise to £600 - but this is entirely up to you. No page will be uploaded to the world wide web until we are all satisfied with it.


  3. Web site maintenance. You may need to update your pages very rarely or not at all, in which case the maintenance costs (aside from those I've described in paragraph 1, under Set-up Costs) could be zero. If changes need to be made regularly I can update your web pages from as little as £30 per month each for a monthly update, for instance, depending on how much work is involved. These prices are flexible and can be tailored to suit you.

    To make your decisions easier I offer a choice of two good value packages:

The Tanglefree Quick Starter Page costs from £395 inclusive of set-up costs. This includes everything you need to get established on the world wide web - plus a single eye-catching page packed with all your essential information, including three unique images or photographs, personal email addresses, links to other sites and submission of your site to search engines.

The Tanglefree Best Value Pack offers three pages for £495
. Two pages additional to the above, including four further images sourced from my own image library, or I can adapt your own.
    Please feel free to contact me to discuss what you have in mind - with no obligation at all. Click HERE.

Email: m[at]harpur.org (but replace [at] with the symbol @)    

Phone: 01300 320064

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