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A Complete Guide to the Soul has been published in the USA as The Secret Tradition of the Soul

Paperback and e-book published by Evolver Editions,
an imprint of
North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 978-1-58394-315-1
ISBN ebook:
Pages: 256
Price: $17.95

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At a time when science is reaching its limits in the quantum universe, when organized religion is either wearing out or hardening into fundamentalism, and when philosophy is dissolving into post-modern relativism, our yearning for truth, meaning, and self-knowledge may seem increasingly difficult to satisfy. In The Secret Tradition of the Soul, author Patrick Harpur argues that answers to life's most difficult questions - the meaning of life, the nature of self, and the existence of an afterlife - can be met by a visionary tradition that runs like quicksilver through Western culture, from the Greek philosophers and Renaissance alchemy to the Romantic poetry and modern depth psychology of our own time.
    This hidden tradition places our soul at the center of the universe and emphasizes imagination, the collective unconscious, and an "otherworld" or afterlife; above all, it shows us how to know ourselves and how to recover a sense of meaning that so many of us have lost today, opening our eyes to a re-enchanted world.
    The Secret Tradition of the Soul is the first book to gather together all the threads of the soul tradition and weave them into a bigger, clearer picture. It reveals a worldview at once ancient and revolutionary, supplying the deep background to every attempt at self-knowledge and every enterprise of self-help. Ultimately, a clear understanding of this invisible part of our selves could help us find our true place within the world in which we live.


UK edition:
A Complete Guide to The Soul
published by Rider Books 2010
ISBN 9781846041860
Price £9.99
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