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    What Tanglefree webs can do for you
  •  I can register your own domain name (for example www.mywork.co.uk) and arrange a web hosting company who will provide the web space for your site.
  • I can help you decide on the content of your pages and will write or edit the text for you.
  • I will take photos as necessary and create your own personal images for the page.
  • You will end up with an efficient, elegant web page - or as many as you want.

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Try the Tanglefree webs quick starter page - from £395 inclusive

  • This is the most affordable option to get you established on the world wide web.
  • I will arrange the domain name of your choice (or as near to it as possible) and web hosting for you.
  • I will then create a single individually-designed web page for you, packed with all your essential information.

    Find out more about this, and other costs and prices, by clicking here

More info

  • If you'd like to discuss how (or if) I might be able to help you, with no obligation at all, ring Merrily on 01300 320064
  • Or email:  m[at]harpur.org   - but replace [at] with @


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